Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Exhibition,G corner.

Wow,It was a nice exhibition at G corner.
I saw something new here.

After a Long time ,It's(Exhibition) in G corner.Earlier we used to have entrance arrangements like Taj Mahal,our Parliament.And this time,there is another nice thing to see.

The Entrance fee is just 20 Rs and as usual exhibition starts at 4.

Hey,Don't think it as some aquarium.It's our G corner Exhibition welcomes us with a pleasant and warm aquarium.

There are about 100 fish varieties and some other small animals over there.Some of the Varieties are Eell fish,arowin,golden sayron etc.

Then As usual it starts with shops with bangles,books,food products, dresses etc.

And for the entertainment in this summer it's a nice place to spend the time with our beloved ones.

There is Giant wheel,crazy chair,Train rail etc

And there are lot of food stuffs.Ice Cream Parlor,and many Fast food items too.

The last date is 19 th of this month,says a worker.
And for the Advertisement purposes there is a special counter near to the Exhibition Police Station

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